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Ratimir is the compliance with European quality requirements and thousands of customers who choose Ratimir products for its variety, quality and excellent taste.

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Ratimir is one of the leading meat product brands in the Far East. Ratimir Meat Processing Plant has been producing and offering high-quality sausages and meat products for people for over 25 years.

Our history
60 000м2
production facilities
1 930
company employees
7 000retail outlets
distribution network

Our production facilities

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through our production facility.

Ratimir plant is one of the most automated in the region, it uses advanced equipment and is continuously bringing new technologies.

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Vertically integrated making of high quality products

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About us

The largest producer of meat products in the Far East

The range of products made by Ratimir includes more than 360 ones made according to unique recipes developed locally. The guard of unsurpassed taste is the brand new equipment, modern and high-tech manufacturing facility, high quality control, streamlined logistics and a team of professionals.

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Product Range

57 %Sausages and ham
17 %Semi-finished products
17 %Sausages and wieners
5 %Smoked meat
4 %Chilled meat


Where to buy?

Buy meat products in branded Ratimir retail outlets, as well as in supermarkets of the city.

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Our staff

The success of our business the team of like-minded people

За 24 года предприятие смогло нарастить свой
«человеческий капитал» до 2,5 тысяч сотрудников.
Сотрудники, которые росли вместе с «Ратимиром» -
это и есть главная ценность компании.

Stories of employees

Build a successful
in Ratimir!

Ratimir is one of the largest employers in the Russian market.

Владивосток Находка Спасск-Дальний Биробиджан Благовещенск Чита Улан-Удэ Иркутск Братск Комсомольск-на-Амуре Хабаровск Кавалерово Южно-Сахалинск Петропавловск-Камчатский Магадан


We work throughout the Far Eastern Federal District

The scale of production and distribution geography of Ratimir include more than 11 cities and 7,000 outlets across Russia.

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